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Johanna von Bahr, Stockholm

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Dr Holger Rosencrantz, Stockholm


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Rosencrantz & Co's private equity client Permira won the BVCA Responsible Investment Award for 2012. PEI's February 2013 issue featured an interview with Permira which describes Rosencrantz & Co's support in designing and implementing the firm's comprehensive ESG investment approach.

Rosencrantz & Co opens office in Hong Kong. More news soon.


Rosencrantz & Co has developed a Toolkit on ESG for Fund Managers for CDC Group plc, the UK development finance institution, and the fund managers that invests its capital. The publication provides practical tools and guidance for investors to integrate management of environmental, social and governance matters into the investment process, with a particular focus on private equity investments.


Rosencrantz & Co and CDC conducted workshops for fund managers on ESG in London, Shanghai, Lagos, Johannesburg, Sao Paolo, Bogota, Mumbai and Washington DC. Please let us know if you would like more information about these workshops


Rosencrantz & Co together with the NGO AIDS Accountability wrote a guidance note on good practices for responding to HIV and AIDS for CDC Group plc, its fund managers and the companies they invest in. This publication provides practical guidance for businesses and investors in emerging markets with references to further resources for specific industries. Responding to HIV and AIDS: Good practices for investors and businesses


Marie Rosencrantz spoke at the London Business School's Emerging Markets Innovation Event. For further information, please see


Marie Rosencrantz was a panel member at the INSEAD Great Debate "CSR - A waste of time and money?". For further information, please see


Marie Rosencrantz spoke at the 2010 Impact Investment Forum in London. For further information, please see the forum website.


Marie Rosencrantz spoke at the TBLI Europe SRI Conference in London. For further information, please see


Rosencrantz & Co analyzed and produced a report about the private equity fund investments of Swedfund, the Swedish development finance institution: Swedfund's Investments through Funds.


Marie Rosencrantz spoke at the TBLI Asia conference in Tokyo at the workshop Integrating ESG into Portfolios where she presented CDC Group plc's new Toolkit on ESG for fund managers which Rosencrantz & Co has helped CDC develop. Please see


Marie Rosencrantz spoke at the Oxfam seminar in the Better Returns for a Better World event series on Responsible Private Equity Investments in Emerging Markets in London. Please see


Marie Rosencrantz spoke at the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) emerging markets steering committee webinar. Please see


Marie Rosencrantz spoke at the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) event series Business Fight Poverty seminar Approaches to Assessing the Impact of Business on Development. Please see